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In Plain Speak:

Subchapter 4: Stewardship Acts

§ 5441. Stewardship acts in this State; authority to perform

  • Establishes the formalities of what and who a steward is and can do in VT.

§ 5442. Authorized stewardship acts

  • Defines the transaction of acquiring cannabis as a stewardship act.

§ 5443. Requirements for certain stewardship acts

  • Defines the transactions and verifications needed to complete regulated trade.

§ 5444. Personal appearance requirement exceptions

  • Makes digital transactions (Internet sales within the State legal).

§ 5445. Identification of individual & age validation

  • Legal formalities for the regulated transactions.

§ 5446. Certificate of Stewardship Acts

  • Establishes what a legal “receipt” looks like- both in person and online.

  • Delivery services by commissioned stewards (not USPS or non-licensed VT stewards)

§ 5447. Notification regarding performance of stewardship acts on electronic record; selection of technology

  • Establishes communication channel with Secretary of State regarding sanctioned technologies in use with license. This is designed to create strength in numbers for technology providers to feel confident they can permit cannabis transactions by working with the Secretary of State’s office and the ISB to clear these in advance. 

§ 5448. Authority to refuse to perform stewardship acts

  • Authority to refuse service on appropriate grounds but not on grounds of discriminations.

§ 5449. Validity of Stewardship Acts 

  • Defines the validity of acts 

  • This section does not validate a purported stewardship act performed by an individual who does not have the authority to perform stewardship acts.

§ 5450. Stewardship acts in another State

  • Allows for other States to adopt this program and all licenses in other states would be recognized in VT. Effectively creates an underground railroad for those with conviction records to be able to pursue their careers in licensed states without recourse to their livelihood from Federal delays

§ 5451. Stewardship acts under authority of federally recognized Indian tribe

  • Recognizes these laws after the jurisdiction of the tribe

§ 5452. Evidence of authenticity of stewardship acts performed in this State

  • Establishes the accepted “visual mark” of authenticity on products and for experiences.

§ 5453. Alternate commerce and sanctioned trades, barters, and exchanges

  • Allows bartering, trading, and alternate commerce so long as it is disclosed in the Secretary of State’s portal (or similar compliance systems that the ISB might opt for, like Metrc) so quantities of products can be tracked from seed to sale.

§ 5454. Agent for process

  • Allows the Secretary to license non-Vermonters into the system for reasons that would be transparent and reconciled with the ISB records.

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