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In Plain Speak:

Subchapter 3: Commissions


§ 5431. Commission as steward; qualifications; no immunity or benefit

  • Qualifications for licensing: 21+, legal residency/employment requirements, pass a basic examination approved by the Office based on the statutes, rules, and ethics relevant to stewardship acts.


§ 5432. Grounds to deny, refuse to renew, revoke, suspend, or condition commission of steward.

  • Standards of professional compliance similar to a drivers’ license framework of basic knowledge testing for licensure.


§ 5433. Renewals; continuing education

  • Annual renewals

  • 20 hours of training, seminars, tax reporting, technology sessions, and general compliance training over two year intervals.

  • Criteria established by industry experts and approved by the ISB- who are all appointed by officials to feel confident that public safety is being met.


§ 5434. Database of stewards

  • Gives the Office the authority to securely house data on licensing program.

  • Allows stewards the opportunity to clear technology for the use in cannabis business transactions and activities. This creates transparency when using “the internet” to conduct legal business within state bounds.

§ 5435. Prohibitions; offenses & disciplinary matters

  • Establishes the penalties for offenses as well as for non-commissioned stewards engaging in stewardship activities (commerce) of cannabis.

§ 5436. Exemptions

  • Standard exemptions for courts, civil servants, and other standard exemptions

  • Attorney that have CLE’s in related materials do not need to add 20 more hours of continuing education credits.

  • Complaint processes, and fee exemptions established.


§ 5437. Unprofessional conduct

  • Grounds for dismissal from the regulated framework- including violation of local statutes, or other state cannabis boards or where other states recognize similar stewardship or professional cannabis commissions.


§ 5438. Penalties

  • The price of the consequences

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