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Custom infused, hand-crafted chocolates from Vermont make a perfect wellness care package.


Chocolate options in Milk, Dark, White, Fused Infusions, and Peppermint bark. 


1 bar of ten individual pieces 


8 individual infused chocolates on a biodegradable stick 


10 individual infused chocolate bites


*All orders where potency may be measured: 50mg total infusion per order max or 5mg per serving as in case of lollipops (40mg total) & pending infusion selection. Many infusion selections will be well under these doses but all choices are compliant with *KINSHIP religious certification criteria. 

All regulated infusions will be done in partnership with Waterbury Falls Mfg. Co. (license #MANU0089) and sold through Kinship Certified sources / participating retailers. 

Hand-crafted Chocolate / Peppermint Bark Infusions

  • Walk-ins and pick-ups may find additional ingredient options available including locally-sourced and grown, and *KINSHIP certified sacraments (infused for members of the Kinship of Sacred Spaces). Daily specials rotating regularly in the pantry. Pick-ups begining at start of season- early June or available with Sacred Spaces bookings and trip/tour arrivals.  Planetarium and megalithic stoneworks tours coming then too. Possibly some soft-serve creemee's from the farmstand by July.  Cheers!

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