5 Gallons of H2Ohm delivered monthly to your door or picked up from one of many VT farmstands around the State.


We believe in our H2Ohm as a sacrament and it has a purity of taste and quality unique to this special place. The live water is not distilled, or bleeched, or treated for toxins- though we monitor water quality and test for both man-made and natural pathogens to ensure the highest standards of quality. The natural micro-organisms living in the source minerals are very much beneficials to your body, mind, and soul.


Shipping varies outside of Northeast. Return mailers for empties included with the postage paid to use with one of the repurposed boxes that full units are shipped in. All units are bottled and shipped with tamperproof seal. 

H2Ohm: Mineral Water- Subscription Plans

SKU: H2Ohm5_001
5 Gallons
Price Options
5 Gallons Weekly
Subscribe and save 45%
$13.75weekly/ 52 weeks
Monthly Subscription
Subscribe and save 25%
$18.75monthly/ 12 months
  • All new, lost, or damanged dromedary containers will be charged $2 for the 1 gallon bag, $4 for 2.5 gallon and 5.00 for the 5 gallon containers- just the inner bag, not the cardboard. Please use cardboard boxes to ship us back your empties and we'll keep them coming back to you as needed.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Peace. 

  • Monthly deliveries of 5 gallons in 1 transport container (box of 5 gallons). You can store in the stackable box, or transfer the H2Ohm into on-site containers of your own choosing or from a variety of Infusionry packaging and distribution options.

    Call direct to scedule a quicker pick-up if preferred. Select distribution markets (CSA pickup partners) in NY, VT, NH, and Maine currently.