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In Plain Speak:

Subchapter 1: General Provisions


§ 5401. Short title

  • Calling this: Recreational and Medicinal Drug Administration Safety Stewardship Act.


§ 5402. Uniformity of application and construction

  • Makes it easy for future legislatures to add additional substances, compounds, or drugs for non-pharmaceutical purposes or where recreational purposes can equally be derived from a substance that also produces medicinal benefits or more vaguely, wellness as evidenced in reduced anxiety, depression, and everyday maladies- and no different than say the uplift that a cup of coffee/caffeine produces within the nervous system. Albeit cannabis impacts the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

  • Examples include Psilocybin (for end of life care / recreational “mushrooms”) or Banisteriopsis caapi vine (for treating alcohol and opioid addictions / non-medicinal religious ceremonies)

§ 5403. Definitions

  • Creates a common core of definitions for processes and implementation of a regulated framework for cannabis stewards- whether they are working at registered dispensaries, social clubs, indoor grows, or outdoor farms… in the production of goods like beverages and edibles or curating experiences at restaurants throughout the State.

  • Models many of these “official transactions” around a commonly accepted professional framework of public accounting practices and legal frameworks for regulated licensing.

  • Encourages “peer review” protocols over the mudslinging of what we see in other regulated states. Elevates the industry into a far more civil and constructive framework for legalization.

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